Stretch College

Our stretch college is a light Italian fleece that contains 5% elastan. This material is perfect for kids clothing, because of its elasticity. On the surface the fabric is similar to jersey, but on the back, is has loops or it can be brushed. It is a great material to print and it is comfortable to wear. The composition of this quality is 95% organic cotton, 5 % elastan. The weight of the fabric can vary due to different colours, but it normally is around 250g/m2.


Brushed College

The brushed college we use is a heavy American fleece with a brushed interior. This quality has always been a classic in our collection and specially adored in our baggy-pants. The weight of this material is heavier than the Italian fleece above and it is not as stretchy, since it does not contain elastan, but it is warmer. The composition is 100% organic cotton and it weighs around 354 g/m2.



We use mainly to types of jersey, an 100% organic cotton and 95% organic cotton 5% elastan. Recently, we started using jerseys with elastan, because of its elasticity that makes it more comfortable to wear. Both are great fabrics to use in printing. Their weight ranges from 180-200g/m2.



A fabric resembling bubble wrap called “Bubble” is a new quality that we launched in AW17 collection. The bubble wrap effect is possible due to the polyester filling inside the balls. The rest of the fabric is cotton and it contains a small amount of elastan. Bubble is warm in autumn and very charming in our women’s clothing line AARRE.  Using the same technique, we can develop more shapes and designs, which we hope to develop more in the future.


Loop Safe®

Loop Safe® is the quality we chose to use in our bath collection. The quality’s loop-lock characteristic consists of a recycled polyester yarn running inside the terry preventing them from being pulled out, e.g. during wash. The polyester locks the loop, giving the article a longer lifespan and the possibility to make a lighter terry. This reduces the consumption of cotton and, though the article is lighter, the drying properties of the terry are not compromised. Loop Safe® is made from 90% organic cotton and 10% recycled polyester. The fabric can have a regular terry surface or it can be velour finished.